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New treatments at Southern Pain & Neurological

Southern Pain and Neurological is excited to offer two new state of the art treatments to help patients avoid surgery and to return to as normal a quality of life as is possible with minimally invasive techniques.

The first procedure is Vertiflex, an indirect decompression system used to treat lumbar stenosis. This device is FDA approved and covered by Medicare. This treatment is especially helpful for older patients with significant limitation in walking distance due to pain, which is also relieved by sitting and resting. If you have leg/glute/groin pain with standing or walking, which is relieved by bending forward at the waist and no more than two vertebral levels are involved, then you could be a candidate. Aggressive and invasive laminectomy and fusion are not always feasible for older patients due to other health risks. This procedure requires only a 3⁄4 inch incision, takes about one half an hour to complete and is completed in an outpatient facility making it a favorable alternative in treatment. Clinical trials indicated 90% patient satisfaction through 60 months post procedure evaluation. They experienced 75% successful reduction in leg pain, better than the more invasive laminectomy.

The second new and state of the art treatment involves utilizing your own Pericytes, which are “Medicinal Signaling Cells” (formerly referred to as Mesenchymal Stem Cells). Pericytes activate a patient’s STEM Cells to repair or correct defects or inflammatory conditions. Pericytes are harvested from vessels in abdominal fat in a relatively pain free 30 minute procedure under local anesthesia. An FDA registered lab isolates these healing cells and they will be delivered within 1 to 7 days at your convenience. This patented process does not use drugs, enzymes or growth factors. It does not manipulate the cells and it isolates a higher number of active Pericyte healing cells than any other process available in the United States today. These cells can be injected into a joint, tissue, or vein depending on the condition.

These two new remedies allow Southern Pain and Neurological to provide customized and optimal pain reduction or relief utilizing state of the art and groundbreaking minimally invasive healthcare, which results in improved quality of life.

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