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Find relief from herniated disc pain with percutaneous discectomy

Spinal columnA herniated disc is a common chronic pain issue that many of our patients throughout Greater New Orleans suffer from.

You may also hear it referred to as a slipped or herniated disc.

Discs serve an essential function. They separate and support the bones of your spine. They function as shock absorbers. If the outer layer wall of a disc weakens, then a portion of the inner disc may push through the wall.

The result is a herniation — which can be incredibly painful and life-altering. That's because there are nerves that travel behind these discs. A herniated disc may compress these nerves, causing the nerves to become compressed or irritated.

Minimizing the pain of a herniated disc with a percutaneous discectomy

Here at Southern Pain & Neurological, we've seen incredible results with the percutaneous discectomy procedure at each of our three Greater New Orleans offices.

This is a procedure that removes part of a herniated disc that is directly irritating a nerve. The result is immediate pain relief.

We can remove a portion of the herniated disc by needle-puncture, as an outpatient procedure.

We guide the needle by fluoroscopy (live x-ray). We use a probe with a water jet and suction device to remove small portions of the disc nucleus — this relieves pressure on the nerve.

This minimally invasive procedure only removes the necessary part of the herniated disc — leaving the spine 100% stable.

Who is the right candidate for this procedure?

The percutaneous discectomy procedure is usually reserved for patients who have not experienced success with more conservative treatments (including physical therapy and nerve blocks).

How long does it take?

We can avoid the use of general anesthesia by applying a local anesthetic instead. As a result, we perform this procedure in within an hour — right in our licensed outpatient surgery center.

What should I expect to see for results?

Our studies show that up to 90% of patients increase function while reducing the need for medication.

Recovery is incredibly quick — there is no cutting of bones or muscle. Many of our patients report returning to regular activity within 3-5 days, light duty in 7 days, and heavy lifting in 30 days,.

At Southern Pain & Neurological, we have a wide variety of treatment options tailored to patients with a herniated disc. That's why we first complete an intake consultation to fully understand your unique condition and lifestyle. Only then can our team of pain specialists help you determine your best course of treatment.

Schedule your consultation at one of our three Greater New Orleans offices to learn more about your options.

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