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Southern Pain and Neurological - helping patients in Louisiana and Mississippi

The facts about chronic pain are staggering. According to research done by NIH:

  • One in every four Americans have suffered from pain that lasts longer than 24 hours, and millions more suffer from acute pain.
  • Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.
  • Chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability.

Chronic pain is a health crisis in the U.S. And to make matters even more challenging, 'pain' is a complex health issue to define. There are so many types and degrees of pain—each requiring its own unique approach to treatment.

This diverse approach to treating patients suffering from pain is the foundation of our mission here at Southern Pain & Neurological.

For years, our goal has been to help patients throughout Louisiana and Mississippi find impactful relief from their chronic pain. To do that, we've needed to remain at the forefront of this ever-changing field of medicine.

The only way to remain on the cutting edge of chronic pain treatment is through the passion brought to our three clinics by our incredible staff, including:

  • Paul J. Hubbell, M.D.
  • Donald E. Richardson, M.D.
  • Barry F. Faust, M.D.
  • Melanie Mire, MHS, PA-C
  • Melissa Brower, MPA, PA-C

Our pain specialists are equipped with years of hands-on experience, and an undying commitment to incorporating proven, effective strategies for effective pain relief.

It's why we've become one of the most trusted pain clinics in Louisiana and Mississippi. We understand pain is as unique as the patients who come through our doors. We don't rest until we come to a tailored solution that we're confident will work.

What is that solution?

We address every angle of pain. That includes the physical (of course), as well as mental and emotional. We believe it's vital for our patients to develop a trusting and positive attitude toward conquering their pain.

We know this isn't easy. Chronic pain wears down even the strongest at heart. But with our team of passionate caregivers by your side, you can, and will, see that relief is not too far away.

Whether it's joint injections, nerve stimulators, nerve blocks or some other advanced pain treatment, rest assured that our team is ready to help you beat your pain, and win back the quality of life you deserve.

Contact one of our three pain clinics (Marrero, Metairie, and Covington) to learn more. We treat chronic pain patients throughout Louisiana and Mississippi.

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