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For caring pain doctors in New Orleans, contact Southern Pain and Neurological

Sufferers of chronic pain need, and deserve, a specialized type of care, by a team experienced in addressing their unique needs.

All too often, chronic pain sufferers have to endure countless testing and consultations to determine the source of their discomfort. Sometimes, all that work delivers no true relief.

That's why chronic pain sufferers throughout New Orleans turn to the caring pain doctors of Southern Pain and Neurological.

With clinics in Metairie and Marrero, we provide New Orleans chronic pain sufferers with a convenient choice when it comes to their diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care.

Why visit Southern Pain and Neurological of Greater New Orleans?

At Southern Pain and Neurological, our team specializes in chronic pain care. Our team develops pain treatment plans that are individually designed for each of our patients. Our goal is to reduce the pain our patients feel by using state-of-the-art healthcare approaches that help you regain your quality of life.

While there are a number of ways to treat and address chronic pain, we always aim to use the least invasive methods that avoid or reduce a need for habit-forming opiates. That's why we take a team approach to working with each of our clients. As a team, our pain specialists analyze results, hold conversations with our patients, and review all possible options, so that we can come to a consensus on what treatment will be the most effective.

When should you visit our team for help with your chronic pain?

We believe that any time you have pain that's origin you can't explain, you should tell your doctor. When pain becomes chronic pain, and you struggle to find effective relief, other issues become a concern, such as depression or opiate dependency.

You may be unable to sleep. You might struggle to get through the day. You may not find joy in normal day-to-day activities. You owe it to yourself, and the people in your life, to determine what options are available to relieve you of this persistent discomfort.

How we treat and manage pain for our New Orleans patients

None of our patients experience pain in the same exact manner. That's why our pain management solutions don't follow a cookie-cutter approach. We provide a diverse array of treatment options for our New Orleans patients, including, but not limited to:

  • Pain pumps. To deliver a precise dose of medicine to a targeted area that enables you to take less medicine than you would orally.
  • Spinal cord stimulators. Sends a mild electric current that can decrease pain and your need for medicine.
  • Nerve blocks. The injection of pain-numbing medicine into nerves that are causing pain.
  • Physical therapy. We recommend our chronic pain patients participate in physical therapy to improve function and flexibility.

Do you or someone you know suffer from chronic pain? Visit our Greater New Orleans clinics - in Metairie and Marrero - to learn more about our progressive approach to chronic pain treatment.

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